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Post Surgery

Post Surgery

If you have had any surgery of the back, hip, knee, ankle or elbow, I can help you treat it, get you back to work, walking & doing exercise again.

After surgery, you will be in pain & the joint involved will be red & swollen with inflammation & you will have to limp on 1 leg if necessary, which will make it worse.

Speaking of treatments, there are a whole range of post-surgery treatments, most of which don’t work quite as well as you might expect.

We go onto focus on exercise as a first treatment option.

Most of the time post-surgery involving the lower limb, crutches or a Walker is required, until the muscles have healed and recovered its strength. Continuous Passive Motion is commonly used to restore motion, strength, and function.

At six weeks, patients have usually progressed to full weight bearing with a crutch. Complete recovery from the operation involving return to full normal function may take three months, and some patients notice a gradual improvement lasting many months longer than that.

I use other forms of treatment depending on the client & stage of injury, i.e.: sports massage, joint mobilizations, stretches, strengthening, strapping, functional training & core stability.